Sypris Technologies

Sypris Technologies supplies Tube Turns Closures for a variety of applications where access to closed systems is required and offer a wide range of sizes, styles, pressure ratings, materials and accessories. The Tube Turns Hinged Closures are used in virtually every industrial field including Oil, Gas & Products pipelines for Scraper traps, blow downs, scrubbers, filter separators/coalescers, terminal manifolds, meter provers, storage tanks and drier pots.

Threaded Closures

Threaded Closures Tube Turns supplies Threaded Closures in popular sizes ranging from 2" through 24" in ANSI class 150 through 900. Threaded Closures in 26" through 36" are available up to ANSI class 600. Threaded closures are available in horizontal and vertical orientations and offer safety with a simple design that consists of only a head, welding hub, pressure warning device, with an integrated tool to assist in opening and closing the larger size closures and heavy duty hinging hardware with adjustable mechanisms on larger sizes.

T-Bolt Closure

T-Bolt Closure Break-Over Wrenches and Camlocks are optional attachments and accessories adding further to the versatility and utility of our T-Bolt Closures. Attachment of either of these options to the closure's T-Bolts provides extra convenience, speed and ease in tightening the bolts. These attachments eliminate the need for separate wrenches.

Vertical T-Bolt Closures

Vertical T-Bolt Closures T-Bolt Closures with a spring loaded head for vertical applications are available in sizes 10" - 42". The tabulated "Force to Lift Head" is the force to lift the head without the springs. Need for spring loading is determined by the amount of force that is required to lift the head.

Tool-less® Closure

Tool-less® ClosureFast, Easy Operation
Tool-less® operation is smooth and direct and even the largest unit can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds by one person. Complete installation, operating and maintenance instructions are furnished with each Tool-less® closure.

Our Pressure Warning Screw assures both pressure warning and mechanical locking of the closure prior to commencement of operation. Additionally, the Pressure Warning System serves the purpose of alerting the operator to any residual pressure inside the vessel should the operator inadvertently attempt to open the closure before all pressure has been relieved.

Yoke Style Closure

Yoke Style Closure Manual
Our Single and Double Bolt Yoke style closure is compact in size and functional in design. A typical unit consists of a forged hub, a hinged blanking head, split-yoke clamps, operating bolts, and a self-energizing O-ring gasket. Materials of construction are in accord with ASME specifications.

Chain & Sprocket
The Chain and Sprocket Drive option is by far the most economical opening assist device we offer. This is a manually operated aid which assists in the opening and closing of the yoke bolts. These units not only make the process faster, they also prevent the uneven movement of the yokes which may cause binding. On larger closures, ratio reduction is available to further ease the force required to turn the unit. Hand wheels can also be furnished which provides faster operation and eliminates the need for additional tools.

Tube Turns offers Double-Bolt Yoke Style Closures that can be completely automated and operate by the touch of a button. This is a significant advantage in that it can be driven by a multiplicity of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic devices to provide quick opening and closing for numerous applications. .

Monolothic Insulated Joints

Monolothic Insulated Joints Insulated Joints are available in sizes ranging from 2" thru 48" and pressure ranging from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900. Tube Turns is fully qualified in house to provide Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and Liquid Penetrate examination along with NDE test reports to meet customer requirements, and are hydro-statically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure before shipment. In addition, each joint is electrically tested to verify its insulating capability