PLIDCO® fittings have been used worldwide for pipeline repair and maintenance, in a wide variety of applications, both onshore and offshore. Applications include oil, gas, water, chemical, steam, slurry and other piping systems. PLIDCO® fittings are designed and manufactured following the applicable codes, and a strict Quality Control program.

These proven products have enabled customers to avoid or minimize costly and dangerous shutdowns, saving risk, time, and money. All products are designed to quickly and safely repair pipelines, most without shutdown; all to keep downtime to a minimum. PLIDCO® products can be backwelded with the line in operation, or bolted-only for weld-hazardous or weld-difficult areas.

ISO Certification (PDF)

Plidco® Split + Sleeve

Plidco® Split + Sleeve Split+Sleeves are repair fittings used to permanently seal leaks caused by corrosion or third party damage on-shore and off-shore. Fittings are easy and safe to install and can be welded while the line is in service. Standard working pressure is 1,000 PSIG with higher working pressures available.

Plidco® Smith + Clamp

Plidco® Smith + Clamp The Smith+Clamp is used to locate and seal pin-hole leaks in high pressure pipelines. Simply place the Smith+Clamp on the pipe, insert the draw-bolt at the bottom of the clamp to hold it in place and use the pilot pin to find and guide the sealing cone into the pit-hole, tighten the draw-bolt and the force screw to complete the seal.

Plidco® Weld + Cap

Plidco® Weld + Cap Weld+Caps are used with Smith+Clamps makes possible a fast, safe and permanent welded pipe repair while the pipeline is in operation. Weld+Caps meet D.O.T. requirements and the latest ASME Section VIII specifications.

Plidco® Hot + Tapping Saddle

Plidco® Hot + Tapping Saddle The Hot+Tapping Saddle allows you to tap into a pressurized line without welding, to make branch connections or for plugging operations. They can be custom built for your specific needs and specifications, and are available with full size branches, in a range of sizes & pressures with threaded, welded or flanged outlets.

Plidco® Split + Ell

Plidco® Split + Ell Split+Repair Ells function the same way as the Split+Sleeve, these fittings are available for long radius, short radius, screwed and socket welded applications. Split+Repair Ells can be manufactured for any angle, pipe size, and working pressure upon request.

Plidco® Split + Sleeve - Offshore

Plidco® Split + Sleeve - Offshore These Split+Sleeves are used to permanently seal leaks in a marine situation with marine epoxy coating, anodes fitted, zinc plated studs & nuts, and can be fitted with hinges and vents.

Plidco® Flange + Repair Ring

Plidco® Flange + Repair Ring The Flange+Repair Ring fits over leaking flange, studs/nuts screw down to create a seal around the circumference. The ring comes with button-head fittings, which allows you to pump sealant to seal flange studs/nuts for a complete seal.

Plidco® Flange Repair + Split Sleeve

Plidco® Flange Repair + Split Sleeve The Flange Repair+Split Sleeve is used to seal & fully encompass flanges for on-shore & off-shore applications. This sleeve stops the leaking flanges by sealing on the pipe beyond the flange welds with the ability to cover a wide variety of flange types and classes.

Plidco® Clamp + Ring

Plidco® Clamp + Ring Clamp+Rings are used with Weld+Ends, Split+Sleeves, or other fittings where excessive end-pull or compression loadings are encountered, they may be used permanently, or temporarily, and are reusable. The Clamp+Rings achieve tremendous gripping power. and are designed to eliminate the danger of caving in or distorting pipelines.

Plidco® Weld + End

Plidco® Weld + End Weld+Ends are safety welding couplings used to quickly join pipe so that flow can be resumed immediately keeping down-time to a minimum. These couplings are used fo both on-shore and off-shore applications. No special preparation of pipe ends is needed to install Weld+Ends.

Plidco® Riser-Type Weld + End

Plidco® Riser-Type Weld + End The Riser-type Weld+Ends are an easy way to replace underwater risers on off-shore gas & oil lines without the need to weld. This fitting consists of additional clamp and thrust screws to provide a secure seal for high pressure and resist extreme end-pull.

Plidco® + Flange

Plidco® + Flange The Plidco®+Flange is useful for hundreds of applications particularly useful for making tie-in connections for prefabricated expansion and re-work projects. Plidco®+Flanges are easy and safe to install even in hard to reach places such as high overhead piping, conduits and tunnels, tight manifolds or in hazardous locations.

Plidco® Clamp + Sleeve

Plidco® Clamp + Sleeve The Clamp+Sleeves can be used to couple pipe, seal pipe leaks and reinforce badly damaged pipe. Clamp+Sleeves are designed to grip the outside wall of the pipe to counteract extraordinary end-pull and unusual axial stresses, often encountered in off-shore installations.

Plidco® Sole + Mates

Plidco® Sole + Mates The Sole+Mates are designed to reinforce non-leaking, weakened, dented or damaged pipelines. Longitudinal butt-welding is required for all applications and back-up strips are furnished. For pressure containing applications, the sleeve must be fully seal-welded to the pipeline.

Plidco® Shear + Plug

Plidco® Shear + Plug The Shear+Plug division offers its customers a safe and reliable method to temporarily (either for the short or the long term), isolate sections of their high pressure, high temperature or otherwise hazardous piping at an excellent value (when compared to a shut-down).